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The Dream Syndicate

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Geta Loada This [16 Apr 2007|01:16am]

Throughout my life, I've been led on a journey, which was begun by the interest I took in a handful of dreams that are bound to my mind. As my life unfolds, the plots in the dreams make more and more sense. These dreams could be interpreted in many ways, and though I have my opinions, I believe that they were given to me in order to spawn questions and not answers.

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The Wasps [14 Nov 2006|09:30am]

[ mood | awake ]

I was swimming in a large pool of deep blue water when a voice echoed out of nowhere to tell me that: "Swimming is only for fans of the wasp, and friends of the bee." When I looked up a couple of them had fallen into the water, and I surfaced to splash them out of the water to dry when many more dive bombed into the pool. Then I was at the bottom of the pool in a meditive position legs crossed with my hands on my knees when the voice sounded again, and told me to look up. When I did I saw the surface of the water was drenched black with the bees and wasps. The voice told me it wasn't safe to surface, and that I should stay below. It told me that if I was someone else like the fans of wasps, or friends of bees, I would have been safe from their sting, but I was not, and I was out of my place. I argued to the voice that I'd likely run out of breath down there, but it told me that I know how to stay below just fine, and that I'd done it before. I had a quick memory flash of when I was a child and had pools, how I'd just sit at the bottom of the water messing with whatever I brought down with me. Avoiding the other children who played rough or trivialized the dream sequence that is the motion of water. When I looked up for the last time of the dream, I saw that the bees, and the wasps... could swim.

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[06 Jul 2006|03:28pm]

Before I get into my dream, I have to get into a brief summary of how I met the guy who had a dream and our errr... friendship. About 3-4 days ago my friend Rachel introduced me to him... and after I was dropped off told me that he wanted to let me know he was in love with me. i am 17 and he is 20. After that he became freakishly obsessed with me, smelling things I've touched and asking more about me to my friend Rachel. He then did cocaine the day after we met at this birthday party and would go into loud bouts of "i hate her i hate her" & "im in love with her i need to leave the country". And it's now the 4th day and he's calling me and saying "either we go out or I kill myself" and is agressive and tries guilt-tripping me into being with him and won't take no for an answer. He's also called me murderous, a liar, and goes into either he "really loves me" or "hates me" whenever i make a point against him. We've only met 3 times.

Ok so now this is the dream he told me he had.
He's driving and there's a dog (labrador) that's running towards his car so he runs it over and looks into his rear-view mirror to see that he's actually ran over me.

what the FUCK could this possibly mean?
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evil babies that wanted to kill me!! [24 Aug 2004|03:22pm]

hi i'm new to livejournal and obviously to this community. i'm glad to find a place to share dreams and interpretations as this interests me very much. so here goes, this is my most recent wierd dream from last night:

i was babysitting for this guy who had two babies, one was about two years old and the other about one year old. i dont ever babysit so this was wierd to begin with. the man told me how well behaved his children were and how i wouldn't have any problems. he left and closed the door behind him. as soon as he closed the door the two babies turned their heads toward me and gave me the most hair raising evil looks. they took off running around the house (yeah babies unhunh) and they somehow ended up with the biggest sharpest kitchen knives in their hands. they started chasing me around, i was so freaked out i couldn't believe it. i somehow got away from them upstairs for a few minutes. i managed to find a hiding spot upstairs where i could see the babies searching for me. suddenly their father came home and of course the babies were all nice and happy and perfect and cute. he picked up the one year old who was now crawling on the floor just in front of the stairs. he asked out loud "where is your babysitter??" and he started to walk up the stairs. from behind him the older baby came up and tripped him. he fell down and cracked his head on the floor which knocked him unconscious. the one year old he was holding managed not to get hurt from the fall and joined his sibling in running up the stairs to find me and kill me. at this point i kind of woke up a bit and realized i was dreaming. i decided that i needed to end this dream my way cause i never have nightmares and i didn't want this one to haunt me forever. so i fell back into a kind of awakey sleepy dreamy state (i find it very hard to actually fall back into a dream completely) and imagined myself back to where i had been, waiting behind the corner at the top of the stairs. i shapeshifted into a black panther and as soon as the evil babies came around the corner i ATE THEM. hahaha. then i got up and began my day. i don't know why exactly i had this odd dream but i think it might have something to do with the fact that i ate almost a full bag of spicy doritos before i went to bed.
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Thank you [01 Jun 2004|02:45pm]

Thank god, I have been looking off and on for something like this for a number of years. (dose any one know if there is anything similar out there on a wider scale?)I think the collective uncontcians(spell?) is the largest most untaped record for information in human history, and I will strongly support anyone doing anything to probe it even a little. I had a dream last night I was sitting in a crows nest(the bird kind not the pirate kind) watching a crowded ancient street below me. Standing in the back of a 50's model ford were three or four American soldiers shooting at the carcase of a very decomposed elephant carcase, the bird nest then became a cage, and there were large bugs slamming into my chest. The birds were not crows anymore but chickadees(I think) then I was watching an Asian man of 20 to 30 spinning a rope with some sort of magic tied to the end of it around his head very fast(like a bull roarer). We passed this spinning rope back in forth in silence five or ten times before my alarm clock went off. The dream was very vivid.I was not scared or emotionally attached to what was going on until the second part of the dream. It may not be interesting to read,however I cant get the images out of my head.
I hope this community picks up a bit, I think it could possibly become one of the most interesting ones around. Thanks again.
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the red star and the parade [09 Jan 2004|12:00am]

hi there! i just joined this community based on what was in the profile info. i saw before joining that there seemed to be no posts. i figured i'd throw mine in. i am crossposting this from my own journal, posted earlier today.

dreams of the red starCollapse )
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First Post [01 Jul 2003|10:42pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello, all, and welcome to dream_syndicate! Hope you like the place. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to e-mail the moderators' group e-mail, dream_synd@yahoo.com. For now, though, I'll defer the floor respectfully to the project creator, inannas_descent, to give you a little more welcome, and perhaps a little more info on the project!

Thank you for visiting! :)

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